Sara Brown

April 7, 2024

Edmonton Photographer – Deanna and Cooper

My Journal

Oooh, this session was one of my favourites. As an Edmonton photographer, finding this spot for the session was perfect. Driving by this spot numerous times, I always thought it would make for great photos. One thing about Edmonton, is that all of the spots that are interesting and make a great spot for a session, end up getting plowed down and turned into commercial businesses or neighbourhoods. Which is great and all. But it is sad at the same time. I always seem to find the best spots just off of the side of the road – so if we do a session, don’t be alarmed when we stop at somewhere random. Because we’ll turn it into something beautiful, together.

Photographing Deanna with her son Cooper, while pregnant with her next baby was so special. Maternity photography that’s moody and artistic is also my favourite. And Deanna always lets me photograph her in that way. Which I will be ever thankful for.

These images that we made are a mix of both digital and film – can you tell which ones are which? Sometimes, I like to shoot so that the mix of both is hard to notice, yet the beauty of each image can be seen easily. And sometimes, I like the film to stand out in a stark contrast from the digital images. Doing this creates two different moods and feelings for when you look back at the images.

I cannot wait to create with more clients this year, and create beautiful images like the ones below. The spring weather has me both frustrated (hello snow, again) but aching to create some beautiful. If these images resonate with you, send me a message and lets make something beautiful together that you will cherish for a long time.

– Sara

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