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As a portrait photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, for close to 17 years I've been obsessed with making portraits of people with my camera. There is this inner need to create that I just can't shake, nor do I want to.

I am married to my best friend, James, and together we have two incredible kids, Henry and Alice. They keep me challenged and have forced me to dive deep into myself to be a better human for not only them, but myself. 

Being an introvert is something I've hated for a long time, but it has helped shape me into the pensive and patient photographer that I am today. 

A lover of movies, loud music, wine, the ocean, and making *mildly* inappropriate jokes. An old woman at heart that's barely over 5 feet tall. Someone who thinks non-stop about capturing the beauty that I see every day.

A little about me


I'm Sara.

Not just a photographer, a visual storyteller for artistic souls

Shooting film captures the feelings and emotions during a session in this palpable and tangible way that makes me fall in love with it over and over again. And getting the film scans back is like opening gifts on Christmas day as a child. 

Getting to create art with you is what I live for, it feeds my soul. Let's slow down, let go of any expectations we had, and make good shit.

"I take photographs because somewhere in my soul I just have to show you the beauty of these moments that I see."

My philosophy to capturing moments includes seeing everyone that I photograph as a whole being, and not just one singular thing. We all have stories that have never been told, that make up who we are as a person. So I know when I show up to photograph you that you are more than just the make-up and thought out outfit.

You could say that my overall style and personality is moody, artistic, and real. I'm not sure how to make art any other way.

One thing that I hope you take away from a session with me is that I captured you and yours honestly, and that you're able to see the beauty that I see in you and the fleeting moments that go so quickly.

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

I am a sucker for a beautiful movie with a great score.

On the day we meet for our session, it will be just like we're hanging out like friends. I will show you where I think you should be, and give you a few directions, but then I'll let things be. This is usually when I capture those true moments. Whether it's a session of just you, taking a deep breath. Or, letting your kids slide out of their "pose" and become them again.    

I will bring all of the film, a few film cameras, and my digital camera to provide you with sneak peeks soon after your session while we await your film scans from the lab.

Once I am in the zone of documenting, I am quiet, periodically yelling out a word or two of excitement in what I've just captured.

During your session, I will take on different approaches to capturing all of the details, mixing a documentary, artistic, and detail oriented style so that you end up with a beautiful gallery of dynamic images so that you have a variety of images to choose from.

"When you're a photographer, you see. And you can't stop seeing."

While photography takes up a lot of my heart, there are quite a few other things that I love. Some of those things include music, cinematically beautiful movies, walking, taking naps, gummy candies, and hummus.

Spending time with my family playing board games or video games, watching movies, and heading down to the Oregon Coast are also some of my favourite (and most important) things.

There are many more things that make up a person, but these are just a few of my favourite things to do, which obviously would also include being able to photograph you.

Using my film camera, let me capture you as your are in this moment, because one day today will only be a memory.

No story is one and the same.
Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.